May 31, 2011


hey loves!
to my toronto (& surrounding area) bloggers ;
here are the final dates to vote on for our meet up!

saturday, july 9th
saturday, august 20th
sunday, august 21st

also - a few people have mentioned they weren't from toronto, but from surrounding areas and asking if they can still attend. the answer is YES!!! of course.
the more the merrier:)
please try to make it out, i think it's going to be an awesome time!

comment and vote on what day you'd like the blogger to take place♥
let's really get the ball rolling here


  1. As of right now, I can do all three, but my vote is July 9th. The 21st is my mama's birthday!

  2. PS I PROMIIIIISE I am going to blog soon... I'm serious this time. The sunshine has been tearing me away too much!

  3. i vote july (cause it's sooner!) but both dates in august work for me too as of right now :) oh ya!! so exciting!

  4. July!!!!!
    (I most likely can make the others, but I'm not sure when my teacher's college starts yet)

    plus July is sooner and I can't wait! hehe

  5. i should be fine for any, unless something random comes up for work. fun!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)