June 29, 2011

the drive-in!

well hello there!
how is everyone?
wonderful i hope.
summer is officially here, which means i am as busy as ever!
i am sure you can tell by my lack of blog updates (sorry!!)

things are going just wonderful. loving my new job, and even more excited that they asked me to blog for them! how cool is that? i will post the link to that blog soon!

last weekend was such a fun, jam packed weekend..and we have another one coming up this weekend too - it's canada day on friday so it's a long weekend. pete & i are going to visit his cousins & their kiddies, i can't wait:)

i have been trying to cross off some more things on my 26 before 27 list, and on sunday night i finally got to cross off "go to the drive-in" and can i just say...
I LOVED IT! i can't believe i had never been before. it was like a dream! i am in love with everything 1950's and i felt like i was on a date in that era for the night, which made me so happy. i love how they played the best oldies before hand and the commercials and everything, including a diner too! just perfect. i loved it:)

here are a few photo's from our drive-in date♥


  1. Fun! I would love to go to the drive in. I love fun retro stuff like that, too. I'm glad you had a good time. Love the pictures! :)

  2. oh i love the drive in!! so much fun :)

  3. Drive ins are the best! Love your cute dress!


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