June 21, 2011

happy summer!!!

happy first day of summer everyone!:)
it's a beautiful sunny day in toronto - a great way to start the season!

i have a lot of really fun things to look forward to this summer. it's crazy how quick the weekends get booked up! i love having so many things to be excited about though.

i wanted to mention a few things in this post...

1) the toronto blogger meet up! it's SO soon guys. i think i've heard from everyone that is coming, and it won't be a huge amount - but it's going to be so fun either way! please spread the word to people in the GTA! also.. we need to go over some more details about the day.
is 2:00pm a good time to start it?!
let me know if that works for you. i thought it would be nice to start it in the afternoon, in hopes that it's a nice & sunny day! i mentioned the idea of maybe doing a picnic, so we could go around to some of the places in kensington to get some goodies, or since there won't be that large of a group we could go somewhere to get dinner? what do you think!?
also - i thought it would be cute if each person bought a cute little present. something small, and maybe even home made if you want because i don't want people to have to spend a lot of money, so like $10-$15 .. & then we can number each gift that is brought, and we all pick a number and each get little cute gift from another toronto blogger gal!? wouldn't that be sweet?
let me know if you have any other ideas for our meet up:)

2) i currently have 395 followers - WOW!
i can't believe it! thank you so much for following me, i can't believe people actually take the time to read my blog. that's really nice:)
can't wait to make it to 400 because...

3) i am doing a super cute giveaway once i make it to 400 followers,
get ready for it because it will be a cute overload!

happy first day of summer!
do something FUN today:)


  1. Awww Julie you're cute. I will definitely bring something handmade to the meetup! :)

  2. Yay summer! i love the hot weather. Hope you reach 400 soon, and I meant to as how your facial was, I saw it marked off on you to do list, I've always wanted one but haven't got one yet. any recommendations?

  3. Hey Julie!
    So I was supposed to be in BC for the blogger meet up but now I will be flying back early...and I will be able to come!!

    so count me in!!
    Can't wait, and i think the present idea would be awesome :)

  4. yay rach! stokeddd:)

    diana, i hope i reach 400 soon too..i am so close! i had the facial at my old work (a salon) so i don't even know what kind it was, my friend who worked there just did the one she thought would be best for my skin and it was like 90 mins long! heavenly!!! loved it:) get one for sure

    erin, yayyyy! i am stoked girly! i will add you to the list:)

  5. Am I too late to join in on meetup funs? Just starting up my blog/Etsy and would love to meetup with some other blogging ladies:) I'm just in Guelph, but could definetley pop in for the day!



  6. gillian... it's not too late! but it looks like we are going to postpone the blogger meet up a little while. give us more time to get organized! keep checking my blog to stay posted!:)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)