June 9, 2011

nerd alert.

ok so, this needs to be said...
i love geeks!
and not in the "i heart guys in nerdy glasses" wearing t-shirt kinda way,
but as in...
i actually love tall, skinny, dorky, nerdy boys.
they are just so frigging cute!
they just totally melt my heart.
i felt the need to share this with you all, hahaha!
how cute is that photo of jay barchuel?
he's such a nerdy boy & he's canadian too! even better.

today i woke up early and did a cupcake order of 40!
& then i worked all day,
it was a longgg day!
getting ready for the busiest/most awesome weekend everrr:)!

in other news...
i am almost at 400 followers!!!
OMG! so exciting.
9 more to go!
hopefully by the end of june i can make it to 400♥
thanks for reading & being awesome


  1. I like nerdy guys too ;) My husband is a little nerdy haha...
    Jay is totally cute in that photo. And I love Michael Cera!!! Cutest nerd ever :)

  2. Aw Im excited to see you get to 400 so exciting!

  3. Me toooooo! I love gawky, fun, geeky boys♥


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