June 30, 2011

toronto pride!

show your pride!:)
it's pride in toronto right now...
& while walking along queen street last week i saw this sign & LOVED it.
so perfect.
so many people in my life are gay and i hate thinking that anyone still has any sort of hard time because of it. love is LOVE, no matter what gender.
they are some of the most special, loving and caring people in my life.
so wear your rainbows and smiles this week!♥


  1. Me and a guy at work were having a long conversation last night about segregation and how we're all put in a little pen in some way. It's so sad.
    I wish there was just one rule book for the whole world. The number one law should be that everyone is equal.

  2. love it. i am so excited for the parade on sunday - i've never been before :)
    and, do you know the meet time and place for the bloggies? i fly back to toronto at 130, so we shall see...

  3. hey, i absolutely love that sign. made my day!

    should be able to come to the blogger meet up after all so be sure to let us know the details!

  4. that is SUCH a cute sign and so very true!

    soooo, looks like i won't be coming to the blogger meet up. i just noticed erin's comment about her being able to go :( there's only one other person who isn't working at the store that day and she has the weekend off so she can't take it for me...sooo brutal. let's have another sometime soon (maybe sept?) since i can't make it to this one. i'm so sad.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)