July 18, 2011


whoa, is it ever HOT in toronto! ooooo-eee!
it's REALLY hot.
today was my day off and it has been very & productive so far.

♥ went to ikea. got a couple little things for our new place and scoped out some things we will have to go back & get:)
♥ cleaned my apartment.
♥ went for a walk.
♥ went to honest ed's! (got 2 amazing 50's cd's. in LOVE!)
♥ more cleaning & now off to do groceries.
♥ tonight i am making pete dinner, stuffed peppers! i will let you know how it goes!

hope everyone is well.
i have a bunch of cute stuff for my giveaway, but just not quite enough yet!

here are some fun black&white photo's i took before our adventure to toronto island & picnic.
i will post photo's from our day very soon ♥


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)