July 5, 2011

july goals

june goal wrap up
+ launch my domain - www.thelifeofacupcake.com (!!)
+ update my cupcake supplies (i really need new toppings,sprinkles, etc)
+ have a cheap martini night (wednesdays) at "hey lucy"
+ go for a tour of the score (where my brother works!)
+ update my cupcake blog - it reallllly needs it
+ go swimming!
+ get some stuff for days at the park (football, frisbee, soccer ball etc)
+ bring lunch to work more! & think of creative lunch ideas
+ buy more groceries (esp veggies) to avoid buying lunch/dinner
+ always take the stairs (which i have been doing lately..so good!)
+ make a list of things for jules & pete's summer of FUN
(is it weird that on my june list, there is a goal to make a list?)
successful month & a very busy one for sure:)
+ host a lovely baby shower for my sister-in-law
+ go for a nice long bike ride (in pickering)
+ cross atleast 5 more things off my "26 before 27" list
+ start de-cluttering my apartment (looks like i will be moving soon)
+ make one dinner recipe & one dessert recipe (out of my collection of recipes i've been saving)
+ make some yummy summer drinks out of my lcbo summer drink book!
+ go on more after dinner walks in the neighbourhood
+ go to a BLUE JAYS game!

ps - toronto bloggers, please read post below!


  1. Awesome goals! Good luck in July. :)

    p.s. Cinderella is my favorite movie!

  2. Yay goals!!
    PS. I've been to a roller derby and they are awesome, You must cross that off your "26 before 27" List.

  3. those are great goals. And go you for accomplishing so much in June. Also, I think you should share the recipes for the summer drinks when you make them!
    the oBITCHuaries

  4. you're moving?? what's going on...


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)