July 16, 2011

who's the cuuuutest?!

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it's the weekenddddd:)
& i am so excited.
i feel like i have so much to look forward to!

today is my big brother's 30th birthday!
he is one of my bestfriends and the coolest guys i know. we have always been so close (me and both my bro's) and i loveeeee them:)

tonight i am going for dinner&drinks with some friends and then to a friends concert.

tomorrow ; pete & i are going to the island for a picnic and fun in the sun, and then to his friends place for a BBQ.

monday; i am off! since i worked today. i am heading to ikea (to scope out some goodies for our new place!) & adventures at bathurst & bloor.

here is my bro! 30!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)