August 8, 2011

monday love.

hello my loves!
hope everyone had a perfect weekend.
i had an amazing time.
first off, i am going to extend my giveaway deadline until this thursday august 11th. 8pm!
i haven't had many people enter so i wanted to extend the date by a few days:)
spread the word! so much cute stufffffff.
how to enter --
for one entry ;
♥ you must be a follower of my blog!
♥ leave a comment with your name (& your blog!)
♥ tell me you're favourite book and favourite board game (or game in general)
&&& the one thing you can do to put you in a happy/amazing mood!:)
extra entries if...
♥ you blog about this giveaway
♥ if you tweet about this giveaway (follow me @julieisacupcake)

boot camp starts tonight! time to get my booty back in shape. looking forward to it...kinda! hehehe:) i am going to be hurrrrting tomorrow!


  1. Boot camp sounds like something I need right about now too!

    I'm Katia, my favourite book is "Perks of being a Wallflower", my favourite game is definitely scrabble :) and the one thing you can do tp put me in an amazing mood is hand me a mars bar and put me in a room with my favourite people, my best friends :)

  2. name: teddi
    favourite book: practical magic
    favourite board game: scattergories
    amazing mood: look at, or create art
    listen to, or play music


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)