August 16, 2011

my birthdayyyyy!

today is my 27th birthday♥
for the last few months i have been kinda dreading this day, but you know what? i have decided it's not so bad. my age doesn't reflect who i am or how i act. i have done so much already in my life and live my life with so much joy & happiness - so getting older is all part of the fun!
today has been amazing so far. i am honestly SO overwhelmed by all the calls, emails, bbms, texts, voicemails, tweets & facebook posts. i am so lucky! i have so many incredible people in my life who shape who i am:) life is good GREAT!
every part of my day has been wonderful.
woke up next to the most gorgeous boy in the world,
had so many smiles & happy birthday's all day at work,
had a nice walk on lunch & bought myself a birthday gift - the most perfect minnie mouse wallet
got gorgeous flowers sent to me from my mommy!
& now tonight i will have lots of phone chats with friends & fam,
my boy is taking me out dinner!
& then looking forward to relaxing & watching a movie/snuggling with my bubby.

thank you all for being amazing & following this blog:)


  1. thanks marla! i will email you in the next few days and send your package soon!!!:)xo

  2. Happy Birthday!! A positive attitude to life is the way forward :D

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful!!!!! You don't look a day over 19 ;) <3

  4. you are the BEST girl i've ever known. i think i can honestly say make me smile just by reading a simple email or text from you...or getting a package from you in the mail...or heck, just even seeing a photo of your smiling face makes me smile huge. you exude happiness and i am thankful to call you a close friend. i love you jujubes, happy birthday. XO!

  5. Happy birthday!
    I'm glad your day was so amazing

  6. happy birthday!
    it's my dad's birthday today too, i just got back in from dinner. glad to hear that you had a wonderful day :)

  7. happy 27th cutie cupcake jules! :)

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you celebrated with a bunch of cupcakes!

  9. I missed it! Happy birthday a little late. :) It sounds like you had a pretty amazing day!

  10. Happy birthday!!!! Sounds like you are having an amazing birthday! I hope it continues :)


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