August 23, 2011

whoa, heyyy.

HELLO my loves!
i am so sorry for my absence in the blog world.
this has been the busiest summer EVER.
honestly, i have been busy every day for the last few months it seems..
not to mention i am moving next thursday!
so when i am not booked up doing all sorts of other things, i am packing.
& let me tell you...i have A LOT of stuff.
i am SO looking forward to our new place & FALL♥ looking forward to things calming down for a while and having some time to relax, read, walk, explore and enjoy life!
(not that i am not now - it's been an amazing summer!)
but the most exciting thing of all, amidst all this stuff is...
i am going to be an aunt! reaaaaally really soon!:)♥
words cannot express how excited i am! the baby is coming any day now! yeeyeyeyeyeyeyyeyeye!


  1. aww lots of exciting things going on. Good luck on the move those are never fun.


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)