September 12, 2011

amazinggg weekend!

what a great weekend!
i had SO much fun.
friday night i went to such a great japanese restaurant called GUU it was an incredible atmosphere and a great time.
saturday (after work) we went out for a friends birthday to insomnia, and then to a friends 26er party, & then to clinton's tavern! such an amazing night! clinton's makes me so happy because it's all oldies, all night - and i honestly know every song that comes on! obvs. i dance and sing the entire night away and am just in heaven.

sunday we had a bit of a sleep in and then i made omelette's for us for breaky. we went out to the eaton centre and home sense, it was crazy everywhere because of TIFF! but we got a few things we needed for our place and then had a family day! it was perfect :) my mom, blair, both my brothers and my sister-in-law all came over to see our place/for a visit. it was so great spending time with them. my family is the best!
ALSO - yesterday was my baby nieces due date! i am SOOOO excited for her to come into this world! but we can't wait anymoooreeeee! hehe. i am waiting for "the call"!

here are a few photo's from my weekend:)
i have today off & had so many things to do!
craft day!
most posts later!

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