September 20, 2011

busy busy bee

whoa, i have been so busy! it's been crazy! i recently mentioned that i was reading the help! and i absolutely loved it. have you read it? if not, do so. i am sure you will love it to. i didn't want it to end! last friday night, my mom, my bff and i went to see the movie - and it was great! they actually did such an amazing job with the movie, kept it veryyyyyy similar to the book which i love! the book is always better but the movie was wonderful too.

saturday morning we got the call that baby ivy was born! most exciting day ever:) we were up before 7am, heading downtown (i was at my moms) and headed to my brother dave's place, got breakfast and such until we could go meet the bebe. she's perfect! i am so in love:) she is SO cute. i got to hold her and it was such a special thing, to hold her on her first day of life! i can't wait to spoil her so much and fill her life with love & happiness! my brother and sis-in-law are already the most amazing parents. ivy is SOOOO lucky! pete and i are going to see her again tomorrow morning & i cannot wait!

once we got home from meeting ivy, i had to bake baby shower cupcakes (yes, everyone ever is having babies in my life right now!) they were blue & orange "it's a boy" cupcakes and they were so fun to make, allison and christy put on an adorable co-ed shower. so many cute little touches, games, and activities. it was great to see pals i haven't seen in forevs!

sunday i did some errands and got some stuff we needed for our place. then headed back downtown for little sofie's third birthday! she's so friggin' cute. great to see the fam & celebrate.

so by the time we got home sunday night i was so exhausted! so much going on! always. pete always says "wow, it's a busy life being julie ross' boyfriend" hahaha. poor guy!

so much going on this week & weekend too! can't wait. this week i am working 1-9 so i have a lot of time before work to get stuff on & get caught up on blogging. gonna introduce a few new little blog features i am going to have going on!♥

how is everyone? i will be popping by your blogs to get caught up real soon!



  1. my mum read the help and was like OMG MUST READ!! I've been meaning to check it out. loved the movie ^-^

  2. read The Help I like it but being from the south knowing how it was back then (and still some today) it was a hard read but it was very well written.

    You are one busy girl

  3. read that book last year, & liked it too. maybe sometime you could show us your current cupcake creations?


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