September 28, 2011

cupcake wednesday!

happy cupcake wednesday ya'll!

so as some as you may know i have my own little cupcake business on the side.
i've had this going for about 2 & a half years now and it's a lot of fun! it's great for some extra money on the side and i am so flattered people actually want to order cupcakes off of me! i really enjoy making them, and usually people really let me get creative & do my own thing with my orders. i always had an extra magic touch or little goody! i try my best to make them cute and fun and something people will really love!
this weekend i am doing a really big wedding cupcake order (175 cupcakes!)
it's the first wedding cupcake order i have done where i am not in the wedding party! i feel like it will be a lot less stressful for sure. it's going to be a huge process but i plan on documenting it with a step by step process and lots of photo's! wish me luck! just keep baking, just keep bakinggg!
wish me luck:)



  1. wow that is great! Good luck :)


  2. you'll do great! what a clever groom cupcake. what will the bride's look like?

  3. So cute.. I absolutely love the idea of the bride and groom cupcakes. So sweet!


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