September 21, 2011


we're half way there!
i wanted to post a few photo's from recent events!
i am going to do a tour of our new place very soon too :)
have a perfect day!

pete & i before a night on the town;;
the view from the cottage we were at (beauty) ;;
cupcakes i made for an order for a co-worker!;;
the view from our balcony♥ sweetest sunset;;
me & bubs in our apartment, after a tequila shot!;;
our cookbook collection (so many cupcake ones!);;
it's a girl flowers for mommy linds!;;
baby ivy on her first day of life (love);;
aunt jules & bebe ivy! she's so tiiiiiny! cutest;;
it's a boy cupcake for sky&nicole's shower;;

blue&orange it's a boy cuppy's i made for the shower;;
little sofie on her 3rd birthday!;;


  1. Beautiful cupcakes!! Your smile in that first photo is just so heartwarming :)


  2. I love the cupcakes! You've been busy - wonderful photos.

  3. you really have a way with cupcakes! i like all these fun photographs.


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