September 25, 2011

sunday!:) best day.

happy sunday darlings!
my favourite day of the week:)
what a perfect weekend so far.
yesterday i went to st.lawrence market, got fresh fruit/veggies & flowers and then went to visit my niece ivy and my bro & sis-in-law. OMG, i am so in love with ivy. she is the cutest little babe in the world. i held her for about an hour and a half last night. just patting her back as she laid on my chest, being absolutely perfect. i never wanted to let her go!
had some of my besties over for the season premiere of SNL
&&& today pete and i have been getting ready to host again - pete's mom, her friend and his brother are coming over today to see our place. we are making some yummy food and i am making a white chocolate cheesecake. i will let you know how it goes!
can't wait:)

oh & here are a few of my blog features. i will have a few more to add soon! but so far;;

since sunday is my favourite day, i will post my favourite things on the day! pete always teases me because i am in love with/obsessed with everything! :)
cupcake wednesdays! i will post pictures of cupcakes i have baked, or anything fun & cupcake related. there are so many things out there!
i have been doing this one for a while. but i am going to get it going again! basically just talking about my celebrity babe crushes!
i will post my sunday favourites tonight (as long as i have time!)

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  1. jules i'm sure i'll like whatever you decide to post. i bet it'll be fun, but um..when will you sleep? ;)


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