October 16, 2011

aw ivy.

hello my cupcakes!
happy sunday (my favourite day of the week!)
yesterday i went to a baby shower for one of my high school gals and had a great day chatting and drinking wine with all my girls & then celebrating a friends birthday.
also, i've decided i'm officially going to try & plan my 10 year high school reunion!:)

today it is kinda cold & gloomy in toronto but i am loving it.
i'm snuggled in my cupcake bathrobe with a coffee && excited for today!
pete & i are heading to kensington market for some adventures and then doing groceries because we can actually have dinner together every night next week - yay!
tonight i am going to visit joe, linds & baby girl ivy! AHHH, so exciiiiiited:D
later on i will do my "i'm in love with everything sunday's" post

have a great day darlin's - & thanks for the sweet comments on my vlog!
ps - go leafs go!

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