October 26, 2011

christmas countdown!

i meant to post this yesterday but i was so busy!
yesterday was two months 'till christmas!!!:)
i don't know exactly how i became the most christmasy girl ever, but i have always been this way! i think it's because christmas was always such an amazing & special time in my life growing up. i was always lucky enough to be able to spend it with my family and friends and be surrounded by so much love & joy!
& i think the reason i love christmas so much, is that it's the one time of the year that everyone seems so happy..and jolly! and want to do good to others! i kinda feel that way all year, which is why i get extra excited when christmas time comes.
i know it's still a ways away, but it's getting close and that warms my heart!

anyone who know me, knows i love christmas!
i plan to do lots of fun christmasy things on my blog this season & i am so excited at the thought. the first official christmas event is the toronto santa clause parade!

keep christmas with you all through the year:)


  1. I love Christmas too!! It is my favorite holiday! I do agree, Christmas gives me the excuse to be jolly and always in a good mood. I always put my mini Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving!

  2. Cute post!
    Christmas was always my favorite holiday. I have such good happy memories of my childhood.

  3. Yaaaay! I'm getting pretty excited too :) I just love your love for Christmas!

  4. Aww you're so cute! I love Christmas too. It's insane in my house, always has been! I have 5 other siblings and we all get up really early to open presents even though most of us would be considered too big


  5. I LOVE Christmas! I might just be as Christmasy as YOU!! And I can't wait for more of your Christmasy Posts!!! Xx


  6. I love Christmas too, this is my favourite time of year with the build up to Christmas! xx


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