October 24, 2011


i think we all go through a time in our lives where we don't really know what we want to do, or who we want to be...
i am really happy with my job right now & am so glad to work at such a lively place.

i'd say that for the most part, i've lived my life with no regrets! i've got a good relationship with my family & friends. i've done a lot of travelling and have seen so much and met so many incredible people. i am happy with what i've accomplished in my life so far. however, i must admit...i do have one itty bitty regret.
i wish i was a kindergarten teacher!
aw, i reaaaally wish i was.
i had always thought i'd love to be one, but when it was time to go to school and choose something so specific, i wasn't ready to make that decision.
& i know it's not too late blah blah blah. but, it kinda is. i am already 27, and i'd have to go through a lottt of school, for at least 4 years. & the truth is...i can't afford it. i can't afford to go back to school :( and afford to live downtown, and well just live.
i have a lot of other interests as far as work goes, but there is a part of me that really wishes i had of gone to school to become a kindergarten teacher!
i love working with kids, i love holidays!, children's books, i would love to decorate the classroom for special events and all occasions, and have such a positive and uplifting atmosphere for young children in their first years of life.
i anticipate i would be like ms.frizzle, if that helps you really grasp it! hehehe:)
that's just my little rant on something i have been thinking of lately.
i will still stick by my "no regrets" lifestyle!
"life is what happens when you're busy making other plans"
-john lennon


  1. well for what it's worth, you would have made the most amazing kindergarten teacher ever, miss julie ross...and i don't mean to make assumptions, but if you marry pete, you'll be miss.whish and that'd be a super cute name for a kindergarten teacher, i'm sure you've thought of that already though ;) hehe.

  2. I think you would be a great kindergarten teacher!!! You could always try to work at a cute little daycare or something like that :D.That would be really cool.

  3. you can always substitute teach kindergarten, to see if you like it. if that's a possibility for you?

  4. You would be the most incredible kindergarten teacher ever! I think it's never too late. A lot of people become teachers later in life. Maybe if it's not financially feasible right now, it might be down the road... maybe even sooner than you thought! It's okay to think practically (I do the same...), but don't let your dreams die! <333


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)