October 14, 2011

red lipstick.

ok, i have a confession.
i am like...obsessed with red lipstick.
i rock my red lips every day, i feel like it's just become a part of my style/persona
but i also hate the way i look without red lipstick.
i think i am going to try to get over my fear of pale lips - wish me luck!

here are my pale lips;
& here are my red lips ;


  1. i really love you with pale lips
    but maybe that's just because it's different and i'm so used to seeing you with red. of course red looks great on you too.

    you're beautiful!

  2. I think you look great with 'pale' lips! MAC's Creme d'Nude is such a great barely-there nude for those non-red days: embrace them, there is nothing to fear!


  3. I love red lipstick!!!! You are gorgeous!!

  4. You honestly look beautiful both ways, really! :)

  5. jules, you look pretty with & without the pale lips or red lipstick. i mean it! i too am addicted to my lipstick. when i see photos of me without it, i feel like something's missing, or not quite right.

  6. i agree - you look great without the red! i have a fear of red lips - maybe we can help each other out?! haha.

  7. I love you with red lips! its your trade mark! ;)

  8. You look great both ways! I'm the complete opposite.. I want to wear brighter colors on my lips but I'm just not used to it- yet! ;)

    P.S. Have I told you that I love your blog?! Well I do! Stop by anytime..

  9. Love love love the red lipstick on you but you look beautiful without it too! xxx

  10. I really like you with red lips! I am addicted to red lips too!!!

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