October 10, 2011


happy thanksgiving!!!
i have so much to be thankful for.
i say this all the time but i think you can't say it enough.
i have the most amazing family, we have always been so close & they mean the world to me.
i have the best friends from all over the world who make my life fabulous.
aaaand the most perfect boyfriend - he makes me smile every single day.
i've got a great job at an awesome company & the coolest co-workers.
i've got an wonderful apartment in a city that i absolutely adore.
i love blogging && all you amazing people i've met through this blog.
life is good
to name some other things i am thankful for...
christmas!, cupcakes, hockey, the toronto maple leafs, memories, photo's, my dress collection, anything 1950's, the beatles, arts&crafts, canada, music, 80's movies, 90's sitcoms, a good book, tea time, cottages, my life on the cruise ships, snuggles, the first snow fall, autumn, parties, party planning, board games, laughing, going to the movies!, pretty nails, baking, decorating, seeing old & new friends, sunday's, travelling, smiles, babies.


  1. You're so cute! (Bahaha and that's what it says above the comment box! ;))

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. hahaha, aw thanks holly:) lolz, it DOES say that!:)

    you too love! have a wonderful day

  3. that is one very pretty picture of you julie! happy late thanksgiving. i think your hair does look like the girl, in the photo, in the post below. doesn't it?

  4. I love the things you're thankful for!! Your post makes me happy too.

  5. i am thankful for great friends like you!!

    ps: CUTE sweater!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)