November 14, 2011

7 days of happy - day 6:)

7 days of happy - day 6!

I have the best family ever! I've grown up with a really tight knit family that I am extremely thankful for. I grew up in a loving home by my amazing mom and dad and incredible two other big brothers. I don't have a very big family, but we are all very close. We get together for every birthday and every holiday and I think that is so amazing! A lot of people aren't lucky enough to have to see their families as much as me. I am a very lucky girl!

Also, as you know I recently became and aunt to the cutest baby girl in the world - Ivy. How cute is that photo of her? I love her so much!!!

Family is Happiness! Happiness is Family!


  1. This is lovely :) you warm my heart girl!

    -Franki <3


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)