November 2, 2011

cupcake wednesday!

Happy Cupcake Wednesday!:)
This is my first week doing one of my new blog features!
Cupcake Wednesday will be a fun post all about Cuppy's! Obvs. This week I am blogging about a Cupcake order I did on October 1st. A friend of mine who I was on the Improv team with in High School had me make her Wedding Cupcakes. She is one of the sweetest, funniest, most amazing girls ever!:) I was so honoured when she asked me to make the Cupcakes for her. Her colours were red and ivory and so much fun to make. When I bake Cupcakes (especially a big order for a wedding) I really have to get in the zone.
Here is how I bake cupcakes step by step ;;

Step 1 : Make a list of all the things I need for the order, where I need to go to get it, and how much I need. Pick up all supplies!

Step 2 : Put some music on. Usually all oldies - "Doo-Wop Express" is my favourite channel on itunes radio. Make the icing first. Depending on how many I have to make, and when they have to be made by...I sometimes make all of the buttercream icing the night before! Make all the icing and put it in tupperware or mix the colour if it's a dark colour (The longer you leave the colour in the icing, the darker it gets!)

Step 3 : Make all the Cupcakes. While the Cupcakes are baking, I mix the colour in the icing and put it in the icing bag. Take the cooked cupcakes out and leave them on the drying rack, once they are all dry start icing them!

Step 4 : Once Cupcakes are iced I put the sprinkles and decorations on and then put them in my cupcake courier or boxes. Take photo's of Cupcakes. Put them in Packaging, add business cards, stickers, and a Thank you card!:)

Step 5 : In this case, delivered the Cupcakes to the wedding venue and set them up on to my Cupacke Tier.

Yay! I was really Happy with how the Cupcakes turned out. Jackie sent me such a sweet email to say they were a huge hit. It always makes me feel so good when someone tells me that they loved the Cupcakes I made them! I still am just shocked people even want to order them off me! Here are some photo's from that order:) ;;;


  1. oh my word these are so cute! You make cupcakes professionally?! hello dream job

  2. they look delectable! i bet they taste even better. happy julie.

  3. I love the idea of having cupcakes at a wedding. You did such an amazing job! they're so cute!

  4. mmm yum. i can tell everyone first hand how awesome these cupcakes are!! and i am still holding it to you to make cupcakes for my wedding, when that day comes!! ;)

  5. your new blog design looks GREAT!!!!!! soooo cute julie, i love it!

  6. Your cupcakes look amazing!
    (And delicious... nom nom nom)

    <3 Ashlynn.

  7. Jules they look SOOOOO good!! Wanna make mine for my wedding?! hehe. ;) (Whenever that may be!)

  8. love the idea of cupcakes instead of a giant cake, and it looks great ;)

  9. I'm totally impressed! They're gorgeous! This is my first time at your blog and I really like it. Nice work!


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