November 18, 2011


well hello loves!
for christmas this year i'm asking for a DSLR camera... i take so many photo's && i love sharing memories with my friends and family. i know a lot of you are in to photography etc and have nice ones. just wondering if anyone can suggest a good quality camera for my first dslr? i am not looking for anything too fancy, i don't want to pursue this as a career or spend an insane amount on one. i am looking for something that will take really gorgeous photo's and is reasonably priced with a good brand name.

any suggestions?! or advice?

i am looking forward to taking & having some better quality photo's (and sharing them with you!) ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. hey julie,

    i got my canon rebel T1i for my 30th....BEST present in the world. you will love having a dslr!

    i really like the rebel as a starter, its easy to use and i find it takes great pictures. it can be big and heavy to lug around sometimes but that would be the only downfall in my opinion. i also took a henry's course on how to use it that i found extremely useful on getting better quality pictures and making the most use of the camera. if you want to chat more - let me know!

    happy camera hunting!

  2. Hi!
    I just got a Nikon D3000 for my birthday in May.... and it's awesome! It also is super easy to use.

    what I found in talking to people about DSLR's... is that everyone is really dedicated to their brand. Nikkon people will tell you Nikkon's and Cannon will tell you Cannon. And that doesn't help make your struggle any easier.

    Just know what you want your camera to do, and look around for deals :) (that's what I did!) Oh, and another thing I did.... open box sales! I saved like 200 dollars on my camera, and the warrenty and everything is fine! :)

    Good Luck! looking forward to seeing your pictures! --Bekki

  3. I'll be keeping an eye on this- I really want one but I know nothing about cameras! x

  4. I answer this question at work about every 2 days. :)
    (The blacks at bay & bloor if you ever want to come chat, send me an email and i'll tell you when i'm working :) )
    There are a few major players in the DSLR game, Nikon & Canon are the most popular, you probably know, but really, the cameras all have the same purpose.
    If you buy any DSLR made in the past few years you will have plenty of image quality and processing power. It's mostly personal preference about operating systems.
    Where things differ, and where the quality and interest of photography improves is in lenses. So, buy a reasonably priced camera body, invest in lenses.
    And drop me a line if you'd like to discuss :)

  5. im saving up for a Nikon D3100. My husband works in a electronic goods store and has the privilege of being able to borrow all the goods he sells to try them out to best serve his customers and out of all the DSLR's we trialled, im in love with the Nikon! So easy to use and a good entry level camera but still has all the advanced stuff aswell. My husbands best mate is a photographer and he also recommended that model to start out with. I cant wait to have enough $ to buy myself one!

  6. allison - thanks so much! your camera takes amazing photo's!!! i agree that lugging it around will be rough but i will still use my little digital too so i can bring that sometimes too. we live right next to a huge henry's and i saw they have classes there which would be so helpful. i think it will be so great having one too:) thanks so much!

    bekki - it's so true that people are dedicated to their own brand! i am definitely going to look for the best deals & open box sales is a great idea!!

    mel - that would be so amazing!! that is a great idea. you are so sweet. i will let you know if i can come in any time soon or have any more questions, thank you sooooo much!!

    my little rabbit - that sounds so amazing! that would be so awesome and i have heard good stuff about the nikon d3100

    thanks everyone!!!

  7. i love my canon. i'd suggest a canon or nikon...they are both great and good for your first!


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