November 24, 2011

gotta smile // stay positive.
ugh i hate when i get down in the dumps. i have so much to be thankful for & happy about.
some days it is hard to focus my energy on the good things, but i am makin' it happen!
i have been so busy so haven't got to do my happiness project for the past 2 weeks! got some happiness planned for next week though. also some guest posts from some other lovely bloggers soon! (note : email them soon!)
now i am going to watch true blood with my man (recently obsessed)
excited for this weekend:)
friday // starting to make icing & cupcakes for saturday
saturday // up real early to do my wedding cupcake order! drop cupcakes off at venue. then i am going to do some christmas shopping:) & visiting my little ivykins.
& saturday night pete and i are going to the christmas tree lighting at nathan phillips square and then getting festive specials! such a christmasy date night ♥

life is sweet!
love to you all ♥


  1. Ahhhh trueblood, isn't it amazing!? I just love that show.
    I was considering going to the christmas tree lighting! I don't think I'll be able to :(


  2. Such a good picture of you! Good luck with the wedding cupcakes, Happy Friday!

  3. jules sounds like a fun filled & very busy weekend. please take lots of photos, if you can, & share. :)

  4. you're the cuuuutest jujubes! good luck with the cupcake order and have fun!! the tree lighting ceremony and festive special date sounds lovely...mmmm swiss chalet!

  5. hang in there julie. gotta go through some crappy times to really enjoy the good times!! good luck with your order today. and have SO much fun doing christmasy things tonight :)


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