November 6, 2011

i'm in love with everythinggg.

happy sunday my cuties.
it's my favourite day of the week & it's so sunny and lovely out.
the leafs lost 7-0 last night but my bro & had still had fun.
danced my face off at the underground last night!
this morn we went to the george street diner (amazing) & on a lovely walk.

now we are lounging&relaxing.
i am going to go read on my balcony soon with my peppermint tea:)
but now, it's time for i'm in love with everything sunday!

this amazingly cute print from here
this is love. awww. found here
i want one of these for the bath! omgz. found here
i lovelovelove the family stone. i think it's an amazingly beautiful movie.
kaelah is so awesome. she has the most incredible style:) cutest
this D I Y jewelry box that was on elsie's blog must make one asap!


  1. This is the cutest post! MUST have that bath tray and make my own jewellery box :) Happy Sunday.. it's my fave day too.

  2. thanks love!
    yessss isn't is epic? & i really wanna make a jewelry box too:)

  3. that pear print is adorable!!!!

    (oh and you should totally come check out my HOBO wallet giveaway on my Color Issue blog! I think you would really love it!!)

  4. p.s. hey jules don't forget to let me know where you shared :-) so your comment counts!!! :-)))))) (thats a lot of happy faces at one time haha)

  5. Your photos never fail to put a smile on my face! X


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