November 29, 2011

some fun/random facts about me!

hi hi hi :)

hello loves,
over the last little while i've got some new followers so i thought i would do a little post with some facts about me ♥ i love learning more about all of you too!

+ i am a leo and people always say things like "omg you are such a leo" i find it kinda crazy how accurate some leo-isms and horoscopes are!

+ i love sitcoms! like loooove them. i used to love watching all sorts of sitcoms in the 90's .. like wonder years, full house, who's the boss?, growing pains, friends, roseanne, family matters, blossom etc etc

+ surprisingly, i'm not really an animal person. i like them of course. but i never grew up in a house with a cat or a dog, and could never picture my life with one!

+ i am in love with children's books & want to write one some day!

+ i adore old music. i listen to some new artists of course, but i am kind of in love all kinds of retro tunes (beatles, otis redding, supremes, beach boys, the tempations etc)

+ i have a pretty small family, but we're so close! we get together for every birthday, holiday and special event..i feel so lucky :)

+ i can't believe i'm 27. a lot of my friends are married, have houses, kids etc - i realize everyone is different as far as what they want and when they want it. i am so content with my life & what i've done and how i live it.

+ one of my favourite movies of all time is troop beverly hills (anyone know it?)

+ i love to go out & dance the night away. but i also love having a cosy night in just as much!

+ i hate beer.

+ i loooooove toronto! i love living here so much. it's amazing to live in such a vibrant, and exciting city. it's simply devine.

ok those are a few little fun julie-ism's
more to come soon!
but now...back to glee!


  1. julie that photo of you is exquisitely beautiful! troop beverly hills, i think i watched that movie more than 3 times. shelley long & jenny lewis. what was the name of that dance called?

  2. awwww thanks love:) you're so sweet!

    that's the one - it's called... THE FREDDY!:)


  3. I'm also obsessed with childrens books. I would love to be a childrens book illustrator after college :D and trust me, once you have a pet in your life you can't imagine life without one! :')

    great post
    Franki xx


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