December 7, 2011

12 days of christmas! day 1:)

hi cutie pies!
today is the first day of my 12 days of christmas fun!

i had such a fun night tonight! me & my man went to the "A is for Aldo" fragrance launch party in toronto! such a great event with lots of gorgeous people. i got some free samples of the perfume & will feature them in a giveaway on my blog soon! so wonderful.

for my first day of my 12 days of christmas, i answered some questions from a box of christmas questions i have! i chose a few fun ones. please re-post if you are up for it!:)

if you could kiss any one person under the mistletoe, who who would it be? - duhhh! hehehe. obviously it would be my bubby, pete whish. love you babes! ♥

what is the earliest you have ever woken up to open presents? christmas 1991 we woke up at 5:30am. my dad rented a video camera (that's how rare they were then!) and video taped the clock when we woke up! we have such amazing footage from that christmas. so many amazing memories :)

procrastinator or planner? are you a last minute shopper or is everything checked off your list in july? i am really organized when it comes to christmas! however, i am not done as early as july because that really takes away from the season for me! i make all sorts of lists throughout the season to stay organized and make sure i know what's up. but for me as long as i am organized, it doesn't matter how soon i am done all this stuff:)

what recent christmas movie rivals old standards? ELF! is this movie for me. i think this is the most recent movie for me that rivals any old classic christmas movies!

what item is at the top of your christmas list this year? i am going a bit camera crazy this christmas! i am super stoked on getting any sort of new camera this year. i would loooove an instax mini &/or a canon rebel. i am so spoiled it's silly.

what is your favourite christmas candy? i still love candy canes! so classic, yet so perfect. other than candy canes, my favourite christmas "candy" would be the peppermint candy cane kisses, white chocolate with peppermint, mmm!

what is your favourite christmas smell? is there a special smell that instantly reminds you of the holidays? i have always had a real christmas tree my whole life! so nothing feels more like christmas than a pine scent. mmm, i love the smell of a beautiful real christmas tree! i will forever want a real tree over a fake one! best...smell....ever.

does your family have a unique christmas eve tradition? when i was little, every christmas eve i used to sleep in my brothers room. they both had single beds, and i would always sleep in the middle (hehe) i always loved it so much!:) normally we only one present on christmas eve! we always watch christmas movies together as well. in the last 5 years or so, me and my bro go home for christmas eve and we all order chinese food! i think it's so cute. lolz. also there is normally a lot of baileys involved.

wrap it up! do you wrap presents as you buy them or all at once? i personally like to wrap a bunch of presy's at once! i love getting all of my wrapping paper, bows and ribbon out and getting all cute and creative with the wrapping of my gifts.

it is finally time to open presents! do you prefer to open them one-at-a-time or is it a free-for-all?! i like to open presy's one at a time, i always love watching friends and family open up gifts too. it's so sweet. with pete & i when we open gifts we always have an order to them. it's so cute...pete always tells me what order i should open them in:) hehe



  1. julie i like this christmas question idea. i may steal it. ;)

  2. Wow, great post!!
    I am definitely stealing this!!
    Love it Xx

  3. Thanks! I filled them in on my blog as well. the post is going up this weekend.


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