December 11, 2011

12 days of christmas day 4:)

so, i kinda skipped yesterday on my 12 days of christmas blog posts, becauuuse it was the busiest day ever! made lots of goodies & got real festive with amazing friends. i didn't even really take many pictures, because i was having way to much fun to remember to take any!

today's blog post is 25 fun stocking stuffer ideas for guys!

1. a mix cd
2. lottery ticket/scratch tickets
3. tea ♥
4. little christmas ornament
5. deck of cards
6. mini notebook
7. $5 dvd's!
8. develop some photo's & wrap a bunch up!
9. hand sanitizer
10. mini bottles of booze (bailey's!)
11. pocket hand warmers
12. $5/$10 gift cards
13. swiss army knife
14. a collection of his favourite candy & chocolate
15. shot glass
16. coupons : free dinner made by you, one free massage etc..
17. passport holder
18. bottle opener
19. pens/highliters
20. favourite condiments
21. coasters
22. biore strips
23. mini packets of spices
24. hockey cards
25. guitar pick

i always wrap pete's stocking stuffers up in tissue and then stuff the stocking! it seems to make it so fun! even just the little things ♥

happy christmas time!


  1. Woo, I'm going to save this page! For Keith's family we drew names & I was going to give a stocking filled with a bunch of random things along with my gift. These are some great ideas! Thanks, Jules! :)

  2. Great list!
    I can also recommend Kinder Eggs, mini Lego sets, and mens lip balm (by Nivea) because he always steals mine ;)


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