December 6, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

so winter hasn't even made an appearance yet in toronto.
it's been very mild and VERY rainy & i am going to say it right now...i HATE it.
i want it to get cold and cosy & i want snow!
christmas is right around the corner & i am majorly in need of some pretty snowflakes*:)

the next few days are supposed to get nice & cold & snowy (fingers crossed)...
do you have snow where you live?!


  1. I'm a toronto girl as well, it's frustrating! I walked home in the pouring rain last night. here was some rain-snow mix coming down later on though! Can't wait for it snow for real either.


  2. There's lots, all over Scotland! x

  3. Love that song so much, that CD is constantly playing around here! :)

  4. K - omg i haaaate it. i am SO over it. when i look at the weather for the next 5 days i get super stoked. hope we get some snow!!! where do you live love?!

    lauren - awww i wish i could come there!! i've always wanted to go!

    jamie - isn't is THE best!?



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