December 19, 2011

bah humbug

am i the only one who goes through phases where you just want to give up on your blog? not that it should really matter because i do enjoy blogging and am having lots of fun doing it! it's just discouraging at times.

i feel like i come up with such fun ideas and spend so much time on certain posts..but am not too sure if people even read them! i get very few comments, so for those of you who do leave comments, thank you soooo much! & if you read my blog, but don't comment - say hi:) give me faith. lolz.

edit ;; i must admit i fall behind on commenting too. i think the problem is that there are too many amazing blogs out there - we can't all keep up :)

i have so much christmasy stuff to do! more christmas posts to come this week. promise.

just gotta get my act together. but for now, bailey's is calling my name!:)


  1. I have those days too, trust me I feel you. Like with mine I put all these giveaways together for a thank you to people and not very many people enter.. I dunno. But then I just remember I like blogging for myself. Its hard sometimes.

  2. I have those days {WEEKS sometimes} also. You aren't alone! I'll start commenting more... its just i have so many blogs to go through every day! keep up the good work!


  3. I TOTALLY have those days too...but never give up, I love your blog!! :)))

  4. I know the exact feeling - but I imagine that the same way I sometimes read but have nothing of substance to say other than "Awesome", I sometimes skip the commenting because I have so many blogs I want to read and experience, I'm sure others do the same with my blog (even if they don't, I tell myself so!)
    And I guess that is an encouraging thought :)
    Chin up! Your blog is lovely!


  5. i definitely know what you are saying as i shut mine down. but i think i am going to start writing again...wrote a post yesterday.

    hang in there...your blog is fun and i think tons of people enjoy what you put out :)

  6. I gave up on mine for that reason. I felt like everyone's blog was so much better than mine do I stopped and I kind of regret it now! I can't even get back into it, because I wouldn't know where to start. But at the same time, I have more time for other things now that I don't stress over it!

  7. Don't give up! I love your blog! it makes me so happy! I'm relatively new to this blogging thing so I often feel like giving up because my blog is so crap in comparison to some bloggers with like 1000 followers. I almost feel late in joining if that makes sense?

  8. hi,

    I read your blog all the time, its one of my favs. Keep posting :)
    Don't be discouraged either!

    Besides, blogging should be for you too, its a plus that all us outsiders get to enjoy it too.

  9. I feel ya! I used to get way more comments when my blog had a quarter of the followers it has now!

    I always read every post, I try my best to comment but sometimes I have hundreds of unread blog posts in my google reader, so it's hard! But know that I always read! :)


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