December 28, 2011

camera crazy!

hello my loves:)
i hope everyones christmas was very magical & wonderful!
mine was amazing - insanely busy but i loved every minute of it ♥
i got so spoiled as usual, gosh i am so lucky. i loved spending time with my family and friends, it made the season extra special.
two of my favourite gifts ...
eeee! i am still giddy with excitement!
i got the canon rebel (omg i am so obsessed!)

the cutest little instax mini ever!:)

stoked for some better quality photo's to share with you all.
i love taking pictures and documenting the best times of my life!
can't wait to share some.

how was your christmas?!


  1. I'm so jealous!!! I want a GOOD camera so badly!
    My christmas was great though :]

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  3. ooh lucky lady!
    glad you had a great christmas julie :)

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  5. you must be so excited about your camera!!!

    Enjoy it!! :) Do you know how to work all the functions of the DSLR? Even though I got mine in May, I've been using the Auto settings, and have thought about taking classes or something!!! - have you thought about it?

    Merry Christmas :) I hope it was wonderful!

  6. Those are so cute, cant wait to see some pix from you!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)