December 4, 2011

love actually*

love actually is all around.
i had an awesome & busy weekend (& i am off tomorrow since i worked saturday!)
pete & i are snuggled up on the couch watching love actually - such a good movie:) so sweet.
there has been so much love in my life lately!
i will share a few photo's...
ivy visits, coffee dates, the santa clause parade, family time, dinners, christmas trees, leaf game, cupcake orders, wonderful memories.


  1. julie this is definitely your time of year!

  2. Such fun pictures! Looks like you have been having a lot of fun...and yummy treats! :-)

  3. Love Actually is one of my favourite Christmas films..and those cupcakes look yummy! :-)

  4. teddi - you know it girly!! :)

    marci - thanks so much doll. lots of good times

    lollylu - isn't love actually just perfect? thanks hun!



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