December 24, 2011

what christmas means to me.

merry christmas eve everyone!

first off, sorry i didn't get to finish my 12 days of christmas - i've been so busy with christmas parties, gatherings, shopping, wrapping and spending time with amazing people, that i couldn't find the time to blog too.

i wanted to do a post about what christmas means to me. i am sure that by now you have figured out that i really, really, realllllly love christmas. sometimes people ask me "julie, how did you become SO christmasy?" and the truth is, i don't exactly know...but i think it is because christmas has always been such an amazing time in my life. when i was little, christmas was always my favourite time of year and always made me so happy. looking back on my life, some of my most incredible memories are of christmas time.

there are lots of reasons why i love christmas, and they might not be different than any of your reasons. i think the number one reason why i love it is because it seems to bring out the best in most people. i like how the streets are filled with christmas cheer, that you get to spoil all the people in your life, that you make excuses to see friends you haven't seen in way too long. i love the movies and the music, the drinks and the goodies, the smiles on the street. i love hosting and attending parties, giving out christmas cards, and making people smile. i love spending time with my boy and reminding myself how lucky i am. i love spending time with my family, giving gifts and the look on people's faces on christmas morning. i love christmas phone calls, tweets and texts. but most of all - i love getting to spread joy and love to all of the special people in my life. the most important part of christmas to that you are spending time with those you love and that you are all safe, happy and healthy.

i am so lucky and i will never forget that. christmas time is a good time to remind us all how lucky we really are! i get so spoiled by so many people at this time, everyone is so good to me. i don't know how i got to be so lucky, but i am very thankful i am.

so that's a bit about why i love christmas so much! it fills my heart with so much love & joy and i hope it fills yours too!

hope you are having the most perfect christmas ever.
♥ love ya's

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