January 8, 2012

2011 wrap up..

2011 was really good to me.
it wasn't until the other day when i looked back on all the things that happened this year that i realized just how great this year was!

some amazing things that happened this year :) :) :)

won $2000 at bingo! (jackpot baby) //
went on an all inclusive trip to cubs with my boy♥

celebrated valentine's day with my love ------- went to the food show! so fun.
had lots of fun nights out on the town in the t-dot-o ///// went to the JUNO'S!!!

spent lots of time in my cute little apartment. hosting & having friends over for giggles:)
watched the toronto blue jays:) - went to the movies (i looooove going to the movies!)

spent time with my bff (always the best time) ------ GOT A NEW JOB (!) STOKED.
enjoyed a visit from my uncle al who lives in thailand. such a special time to have him home.
celebrated pete & i's 3 year anniversary! :) - oooooh so wonderful. such a gem he is.
saw GLEE live with my gays (so much fun!) ---- saw aretha franklin live at a free show <3
hosted a cute pink lemonade baby shower for my sistah-in-law & her cutie baby girl to be !!!
celebrated toronto pride! &&&& visited family for weekend of fun visits.
went to chantal & steve's wedding ; such an amazingly cute wedding! love them bothhh!
lots of cottage weekends && pool parties && BBQS with the best people ever.
moved in to the best apartment with the best boyfriend ever.
thanksgiving weekend at the cabin with my bffs.
become an aunt for the first time with the cutest babygirl, ivy!
had a lot of cupcake orders throughout the year!!
had 2 big wedding cupcake orders in the fall *
loved doing them soooo much :)
celebrated my grandpa & grandma's 64th wedding anniversary. omgz. perfect!
enjoyed many sunsets from our new sweet balcony.
(oooh, toronto - i love you)
pete did MOVEMBER & had an epic stache.
had another unbelievable christmas & holiday season with my friends and family.
got spoiled beyond belief! luckiest

i am so thankful for a wonderful year.
2012 - big things are comin' - i can feel it!


  1. Wow, looks like a wonderful year! Here's to a fantastic 2012. :)

  2. You my dear are so so beautiful! Your smile makes me happy!
    Your year looked so so perfect! I wish we lived close you look like the best person to spend time with!

  3. great year highlights julie girl! :)

  4. what a FABULOUS year! here's to another one in 2012!

  5. What a wonderful year! I hope 2012 treats you just as well.

  6. lovely photos! I thought 2011 was kind of a 'meh' and not very happening year and then when I looked back on my year in photos I was like "oh wait, it was actually a really great year!" haha. I'm excited for 2012 though
    lovely post x


  7. Wow, looks like your year was great! I hope your 2012 is more than excellent!

  8. of course you had a great 2011! everyone knows that julie ross has the best life...


  9. These are SUCH adorable pictures! Totally loving your blog!!!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)