January 10, 2012

2012 : "if you can dream it, you can do it!"

2012 goals & dreams!
my quote for 2012 ;;
"if you can dream it, you can do it" - walt disney
(ooooh yes! love it so much. && looove disney a lot!)

* i want to explore more of toronto - go to new places, restaurants, bars, shops, bakeries, stores etc. (i also want to take more photo's of awesome places & then do blog posts about them!)

* date niiiights! pete & i always have fun dates together. but i want to make sure we plan at least one really fun//awesome date night a month:)

* EURO TRIP ♥ - this is a huge one for us. pete & i looove to travel, we both work in the travel industry and have a real passion for it! we've never made it over to europe but it's the # 1 spot on our "to travel list". this year is the year we are going to make it happen! instead of doing any little trips or all inclusive trips, we are going to save up for europe:) - ooh baby i am giddy with excitement. we are hoping to go in the summer of 2012. our top 2 places to travel to ;; england & holland ♥ ♥ ♥

*plan more BFFS nights! - plan awesome hangouts with my bestie.

*get my new twitter account up & running - i am starting a new twitter all about cute & happy things in toronto. i want to spread happiness, smile and positivity through the internet!

*cook more! pete & i love love love cooking. it's so fun trying new recipe's together and enjoying a wonderful meal with just the two of us. we just got a crock pot (stoked!) a walk and some new cook books so we are ready to get creative in the kitchen :) pete & i are going to make a book of our favourite recipes/meal ideas!

*go unplugged! i really want to have nights // days where i turn off my phone, tv, internet and just relax. read, scrapbook, clean, spend time with my boy, do crafts & just be...

*maintain a healthy lifestyle. eat healthier, exercise regularly, pack home made lunches, drink lots of water, go for walks in our neighbourhood, change bad habits & just cleanse!

*don't sweat the small stuff! always remind myself just how lucky i am.

*relax. pete & i are always so busy. i want to be able to have days where we can just relax and hangout. drink tea, sit on our balcony, read books, laugh & enjoy our time together

blog lovin':
*plan a TORONTO blogger meet up! - i know we tried last spring/summer but we just didn't have time to get things organized. i really want to make this happen when the nice weather arrives:) - i would looove to get to hangout with amazingly cute toronto blogger gals:)

*start a blog with pete! yeyeye:) pete & i are going to start a blog together! we want it to be a fun place about our travels, recipes, bars, restaurants, life in toronto etc:)

*find the perfect blog notebook - write down all of my ideas & dreams for my blog and do my very best to make them come true! get more creative with my blog posts. never give up.

*keep going with my happiness project - do my best to spread happiness & joy to those who read my blog!

get crafty:
* spend more time making cute things! :) try DIY's found on blogs etc.

*get creative. read through my craft & sewing books. make sweet things for people as gifts & if i get good enough - perhaps open my own etsy shop!

*post on my blog about the fun things i make. DIY's for blog readers!

goals & dreams:
*do some research on opening a small business. if things aren't happening, make them happen!

*don't give up on my book. gather my thoughts and see what can be done about the book i want to write. designate time to actually work on it and get things going.

*dedicate more time to my cupcake business, do more networking, think of new ideas, get more creative with my cupcakes & orders! dream BIG!

*have cuter style (lol) this is ridiculous, i know. but sometimes i just don't try on my outfits, and i have so many awesome dresses, accessories etc - i have to amp my style!

*more party planning! i kinda want this to be a career some day. i want to host more parties and gatherings. decorate & cook/bake for them and make sure i take lots of photo's to document the occasion!

*follow my heart ♥ & hopefully decide what i am meant to do in the world!

*i want a new tattoo! i haven't got one in a while and have some fun ideas for what i want

get organized:
*plan a budget & stick to it. save money for europe:)

*re-vamp our place - pete & i want to make our place even more awesome. going to do organizing and decorating!

*every few months i want to re-organize my closet, craft stuff & accessories. keep things fresh!

*go through all my old photo's & organize them in albums/boxes so they are all together.

*gather all of my thoughts in list form (omg i am obsessed with lists)

*make time for all my amazing friends & family. make plans with people i don't get to see very often. don't let time pass me by, make sure i make time for everyone:)

ok, i agree that this is a ridiculous amount of goals/dreams/resolutions but i am a very busy girl with a lot happening! haha. a lot of these things are simple little things that will make my life even more awesome than it is. some are small & silly and some are huge and quite possibly unrealistic. i want this to be another great, positive year in my life!

i wish you all the best in 2012 & hope all of your dreams come true ♥


  1. This is an amazing post and I know you will meet your goals! You always seem very determined. Ever since I started reading your blog even if you dont know it you have really encouraged me to do better you know? Just be positive and try new things.

    Thank you for blogging. :)

  2. Would be really nice seeing u again! It would be even better if u are in Holland...I will be back on the 9th of July. Let me know so that I can meet u!! x

  3. yes please to the blogger meet up! I want to hang out :)

  4. tammy - omg! i would be soooo happy to see you again. (fingers crossed!) we are definitely coming to holland, i already told pete we had to so i could see everyone :) i will keep you posted!

    elycia - yeyeye! samezies girl. can't wait xo

  5. you know, I write down so many lists, goals, and like you I have tons of things of the same nature that I hope to aspire to... I get overwhelmed though by writing down the "BIG" goals that seem often impossible... it's very encouraging and inspiring that you put down things you know you might not accomplish but are going to put forth that effort anyway... best of luck to you in 2012, and may all of your goals and dreams come true, or at least i hope you will see them begin to blossom and unfold into the next year/s

  6. that is totally a large list but ya know what, i don't have any doubts that you'll do most, if not all of them. they're all totally do'able and not outrageous. like you said, dream big!!

  7. wow! what a list!
    i think 2012 is going to be an amazing year for you and pete! awesome ideas julie.

  8. Love the list! I definitely need to plan more BFF nights. I've become a bit of a recluse since giving up drinking, and it's getting boring!

  9. What a lovely list! Sounds like you're going to have a wonderful year!

    The Urban Umbrella



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