January 7, 2012

christmas photo's.

hi hi hi loves!
i hope everyone is well :)
i have been so busy the past month & a bit that i haven't had time to relax (or blog!)
quebec city was awesome, i had a lot of fun - but got no sleep & got sick after - after sleeping all day yesterday and taking some buckley's, eating soup etc... i feel better!
today is the first day in so long where i don't really have anything to do! it feels amazing.
i am going to relax, clean our place, pack up our christmas stuff (so sad) and maybe grab a few things i need from the mall.
later today &/or tomorrow i will do a 2011 wrap up && my 2012 goals.
here are some photo's i took with my new canon DSLR on christmas day!:)


  1. oh my goodness, IVY!!!

    that 3rd one from the bottom is soooo good.

  2. What lovely photos! & Ivy is soooo adorable!!! eee!


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