January 18, 2012

hair choices!

So maybe it's just the January blues, or maybe it's just cause I'm crazy like that but, I want to change my hair! I think this is a common issue for most of us gals. We go through phases where we want to cut all our hair off, and then we cut it and then we want it long again! Over the years I have had A LOT of different hair colours, I mean a lot! Right now I am pretty content with my hair, it's getting really long and I've got some what of an ombre thing going on which is kinda what I'm going for. For now, I think I will hold out until before Summer*:) I will do something a bit spunky for summer time, to go with my tan (haha!)
Here are a few of the many hair colours I've had in the last few years...


  1. the top one's my fave.

    i just highlights in that coppery colour underneath my black so it's like the opposite of that.

    that's the fun thing with hair colour though, you can change it as often as you want!

  2. You're so beautiful. I love every single hair cut.

  3. Awee you look so cute with each of the styles! I really love the little orange streaks. Such a fun touch!


  4. It seems like you could suit ANY hair colour! SO jealous haha loving your hair in the last picture x

  5. I love 3 and in 4 you are smokin' hot!
    I also have that necklace.

    It's funny, my old roommate (who has since moved to Windsor) and I have a pact going - we are sending pics of our hair to each other to make sure neither of us is getting it cut.
    We are both notorious for giving in during the awkward stages of growing out a bob...
    Good luck holding out until summer!

  6. Ooh all of these hairstyles look great on you! But the first one is my personal favourite! :)

  7. Great looks!! My favorite is the first one. I also love that lipstick color!

  8. Where do you get your hair done? I have yet to find an amazing hair stylist in Toronto, any tips?

  9. Your hair looks gorgeous in every single photo! X


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)