January 22, 2012

HAPPY girl week - day 1 ; JANEL:)

Happy Sunday Sweethearts!
Today marks the first day of Happy Girl Week on my blog:) - I am so excited about this feature. A few months ago I started my own little Happiness Project and my goal is to just spread happiness and joy to as many people as I possibly can! Over the last few years of starting this blog, I have come across so many beautiful, creative and inspiring girls! I think it's amazing how there are so many wonderful people in this blogging community, it seems like every day I discover a new blog filled with new & fresh ideas.

For this whole week I have a different inspiring blogger who have answered some questions about living their life in a happy & positive way! I've always tried my very best to live my life like this, so it's something I that means a lot to me and my little blog.

First up is the wonderful, adorable and inspiring Janel from Run With Scissors
Janel's blog is one of the first ones I ever followed. If you don't follow her blog now then you definitely should! She's so lovely and happy and is always posting the cutest, sweetest things. I love her blog very much! Her and her hubby are in the process of adopting a baby and her love and determination is so amazing - She is going to be the most amazing & sweet mom ever.
Vote for her blog for best baby blog here
What is your "happy place"? What are you doing when you're the happiest?

My happy place is definitely at my home with my little family. I am the most happy just spending time with the ones I treasure. I am also happy when I am creating things :) Art feeds my soul.

"Think happy thoughts" - What helps you get past a bad day and back to happiness?

Praying. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but seriously I wouldn't be able to be as happy and positive and as full of love as I am if I didn't know that everything that happened would eventually lead to good. Praying and getting things off of my chest and passing it on to God helps me get past things and allows me to move on :)

What's a song that instantly makes you smile?

Such a hard question!! There are so many songs that make me smile!!
Hmmm... Ok, song that has always and will always make me smile Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin.
Current song that makes me smile: We are young- The Glee version.

Do you have any favourite blogs/websites that make you a happy gal?

I love blogs that focus on the positive and inspire me to be better, weather it's better at my art, a better wife, or a better person in general.
Here are my Top 5 Favorites at the moment:
1. Yours of course :)

Favourite quote to remind you how amazing life is?

Oh this is a good one because seriously this quote replays itself in my head A LOT. Here it is...
"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy."
Anne Frank
For that little girl to be going through what she was going through and seeing so much hatred and hurt, and for this to be what she was thinking...amazing.

What advice do you have to give about living a life of love and happiness?

This question really goes along with my "One Little Word" post that I did a few weeks ago. I would totally re-type the whole thing but instead I think I will send you over to my blog, where you will find my answer :) Right here!

Thank you so much for doing this Janel! Your answers are just perfect :)


  1. Love love love that Anne Frank quote, so true and so wonderful.
    Great series idea, I love the idea of some extra positivity and happiness around the blogosphere. Super inspiring!


  2. hey love!:) omg i agree. that's such an incredible quote! glad you are liking the idea, come back for the rest of the week for more happy!:)

  3. Awww you are too sweet!!! I can not wait to read the rest of these posts. You are so amazing and a true inspiration to me Jules! Love you!

  4. oh gosh i LOVE janel. she's the sweetest. she's one of the first blogs i followed as well and definitely had an influence on me getting started in the blog world and wanting to create my own.

    i can't believe i'm in her top 5 favourite blogs right now, so flattered.

  5. also, i love this week. can't wait to see the others!

  6. Janel is DEFINITELY a happy girl! Love her & her blog! :) I can't wait until they get their little baby! & I love that we all read the same blogs, too. Haha. Her top 5 blogs are some of my every day reads! :)

    Also, I just got back from Chapter's and I bought The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank!

  7. What a great feature!! Cannot wait to check out Janel's blog!

  8. Hi i just came across your blog and couldn't resist clicking on your button that said Happiness Project and I'm so glad that you did. This is such an amazing group of interviews that you have so far. I do a lot of blogging about happiness and love find others out there who do the same. Can't wait to see what else you have in store.

  9. that Anne Frank quote is great. I've never heard it before, and what you said hit the nail on the head...what perspective in such a little girl!


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