January 25, 2012


ps ; i got my iphone finally && i am obvs in love with instagram
check me out on there : julierosschristmas

here are a few photo's ;;
my dad as a youngin' he was so frigging cute.
me, on a wednesday
my man playing guitar:)
a little part of my desk @ work
please check out all the amazing happy girls below!


  1. I love it too!!!! We need to follow each other :) cute pics

  2. I love looking at old pictures of my parents, it's kinda trippy to think that at one point in time they were our own age!!! Cute pics :)

  3. Oh my Your Dad certainly was a cute young gun.

    I came across a photo of my Papa too when he was young, he was so handsome - still is actually.

    1. yes he sure was. aw yeah it's so cool seeing your family members when they were younger, such a cool thing!

  4. That photo of Pete reminds me of Steve lately. He just brought his guitar to Toronto from his parents house, and has been playing RockSmith for the PS3 like crazy. If Pete doesn't know about that game yet, he'll probably love it. (You connect your real guitar to the PS3 and actually have to play real chords)

  5. You really look like your Dad! X


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)