January 10, 2012

a little bit of happy:)

now that it's a new year & things aren't quite as crazy right now - i have more time for my happiness project to share with all you lovely people :)

i have some fun things coming up for but now...

i was reading the paper the other day and something instantly appealed to me.

the ad said :

"running this ad in december wouldn't have done any good"

"Truth is, everyone is nice in December. So why can't we be just as good to each other after the holidays? Let's keep those food banks stuffed. Let's shovel the driveways and walkways of our elderly neighbours. Let's crack a smile even though the wind chill's 20 below. Let's keep our holiday lights on throughout the entire year. Let's all make a New Year' resolution to do good every single day of the year. Over the next 365 days, let's all remember that being nice is always in season Let's try to be good all year round"

oh wow! this is so perfect.

there's an incredible website you should join too!

It's such a positive & inspiring website - let's change the world! ♥


  1. i always think about leaving the xmas lights on all year round! love this post
    love the lennon quote espc.

  2. Agree to that. Being nice is always in season and always in fashion, I think.

  3. I've always thought this, that's great that it was in a newspaper! I wish our papers were that positive haha.


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