January 14, 2012

photo's by mel!

today pete & i woke up early and headed to scallywags to watch soccer :) had some delicious food, tea/coffee and then went to st.lawrence market - we picked up fresh veggies & beef for the stew we're gonna make in our new crock pot tomorrow!
today we have been snuggled up inside drinking tea and pete playing ps3 and me bloggin' and such! it's sooo cold out.

in december mel & i met up and had a little photoshoot!
here are a few of the pictures she took of pete & i ♥



  1. i love love love that last photo. it's so cute jujubes!

  2. I LOVE (and that's in caps)that bottom photo. It's gorgeous and you two are adorable

  3. I'm so thrilled that you like them! The bottom one is by far my fave too. A lot of the other frames had too many shoppers in them!
    We'll have to have another go at it in warm weather ;)

  4. Hi! Just found your blog! Cant wait to keep reading : ) stop over and follow me too! Dailypolkadots.com

    Do you ad swap? if so I would love to for February! Let me know : )

  5. those photos turned out great! mel captured your personalities. :)

  6. what great photos to have of you and pete!

  7. Aww that last photo is so sweet! X

  8. What great photos. Such a great looking couple. :)


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