February 26, 2012

gettin' healthy!

happy sunday!:)
i had an amazingggg weekend!
so i wanted to do a post about healthy eating/getting fit/being green etc..
i'm making an extra effort to change my life style & feel good, healthy and energized.
i plan on trying lots of new recipes, eating a lot more fruits & veggies, and making sure i make time to hit the gym a few times a week. i am looking forward to spring and being able to go for walks in our neighbourhood after dinner & spending more time outside enjoying the fresh air and getting more exercise. i know i will feel better in the end so march is going to be a big month for me (i will post my goals soon!)
the blog world is a great place to read about tips on these kind of things so if i have any to share, i will be sure to.

also, i am going to create the ultimate gym play list ---
what are your favourite songs to work out to?!
leave a comment with suggestions! :)

1 comment:

  1. Monarch by Shapeshifter
    and Electric Dream by shapeshifter as well. ultimate happy summer/push ita little bit further music for the gym <3


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