February 26, 2012

.i LOVE the oscars.

just doing a quick little update!
i just wanted to talk about how much i loooove the oscars!
ooooh baby. i am a big fan of awards shows of all kinds, but nothing compares to the oscars.
i am a huge movie geek. i love going to the movies so much it's silly, i love watching movies i've never seen, i love buying them!, i love re-watching a classic.
any other movie buffs of there go goo-goo for the oscars?!
i am absolutely loving it so far. billy is the best host and all the little pre-filmed scenes are making me giddy. lolz! enjoy the rest of the show if you're watching too ♥

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  1. The Oscars has always been one of the biggest days of the year for me. It's on live Monday day here and since I was 15 it hasn't mattered if I am meant to be at work/school/university whatever I take the day off.. make myself up some special snacks, grab a bottle of bubbly and sit back and enjoy. My first ever job was at a cinema and I've been obsessed with films ever since. So far today's ceremony has been pretty good.. I was crying as Octavia made her speech :)


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)