March 8, 2012

all smiles from here!

hi all, hope you're all doing simply wonderful.
life is good // life is GREAT!
i can't believe how fast time is flying by...
i'm feeling really good about life and everything happening lately.
things have been so busy && i am loving every second of it
this weekend is going to be awesome for a lot of reasons ;;
- having friday off! - heading to my moms for a few days - stocking up on baking supplies at bulk barn - dinner with grandpa & grandma - movie night with mom! -
- baking the cutest "candy" themed cupcakes for a wedding shower! -
- sleep ins - SNL :) - sunday date with pete ; antique market - warm weather on sunday! 15 -
- kensington market day with my gays! eee! -



  1. Have a great weekend! eeep so happy it's friday :)

  2. you seem to be livin' the life ;) AND YAY FOR KENSINGTON!


  3. Sounds like you've got the best weekend coming! Love the photot too. xxx


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