March 15, 2012

cupcake everything!

hi my loves!
happy thursday:)
just droppin' by to say hi & i miss you.
i need to do some serious blogging soon && catching up all of your amazing blogs!
the cupcake business is boomin' right now.
did an awesome&fun order last weekend (see above photo) / (will post more pics soon) and tonight i had an order, and made st.patty's cupcakes to bring to work. AND i have an order tomorrow night and on saturday. whoa whoa whoa. i am a busy bee baker, but i love every second of it. sometimes i wonder if this might actually turn in to something big some day!
hope all is well with you lovelies.
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  1. my goodness, i hope it does!! you were SO meant to own your own cupcake shop...i can see it being a mix between cupcakes and cute knick knacks...julie a T!

    love you

    1. Congrats! I think its awesome and those cupcakes look delicious! :)

    2. me too carly!!! ugh that would be perfect. i definitely picture cupcakes and cute knick knacks for sure:)


  2. That's awesome! Owning a cupcake shop/bakery is totally a goal of mine! How did you get started?


    1. hey jessie!!:)

      i always loved baking cupcakes and would make them for people just for fun and one day someone said "you should start your own little business" and i thought - you know what? you're right!! and then through word of mouth and friends and family i started getting a lot of orders:)


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