March 3, 2012

cute toronto : toy store!

Happy Sunday! ♥
I had a really busy & awesome weekend - there were a few blog posts I wanted to do but I just couldn't find the time. That seems to be the case lately, too busy to blogggg. But, I promise I have a lot of fun things coming up so stay tuned.

So, tonight I am posting another CUTE TORONTO for you. Cute Toronto is a segment I started where I will share an awesome & cute place in Toronto with some photo's and fun things about that place. Right by our place there is the cutest, sweetest, happiest most vintage toy store ever! I instantly fell in love with "Ontario Specialty Co" This place has been around since 1939 and has some of the coolest, most unique vintage toys and trinkets I've ever seen!

When you go in there, you instantly feel like a kid again. I love just going in a walking around and taking it all in. There are so many awesome things there! Last week when I went in to the store to take some photo's for this post, I saw a "for lease" sign up outside. When I walked in and talked to the woman working, I asked her if the store was closing - she said yes regrettably. She let me take photo's even though she said she normally wouldn't. I told her I was going to post about it on my blog and that I was super sad they were going to close soon. Who knows how much longer it will be open for, but if you get a chance to visit it in the next little while then please do so! You can read more about the history of the store as well why they might not be able to keep it open here

It makes me sad to think that a place with so much heart and character can't make it in today's society - but hopefully it's for the best for everyone! If you ever want to check it out it's at Queen and Church in Toronto. 133 Church street :)



  1. I was just there last week with Steve. It is a bummer that they're closing, but I've never actually had the need to buy anything they sell... I went looking for stickers to scrapbook with, I guess I need more children in my life!
    Hope you had a great weekend,
    p.s. we should have a Toronto blogger meet soon

    1. Oh nooo! I am so sad to hear this! I love this place. I might swing by if I get a chance. I wonder where all their stock will be going?!

  2. I've never heard of this place - it looks like the kind of place I could spend hours in! I'll have to drop in before they close shop. Thanks for posting about it!


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