March 1, 2012

-march goals!-

♥ march goals ♥
so it's been almost a year that i've been posting my monthly goals, and i must say i really enjoy it. as you probably know i am a firm believer of writing things down. i know it's not for everyone, and nowadays with phones, laptops, ipads etc people like putting list in there. but there is nothing i love more than writing out a pretty, colourful, sticker filled to-do-list in a cute notebook(!!!) lolz.
i am currently coming up with my "27 before 28" list! i know it will be one of my most fun ones yet! - can't wait to share it with you all

but, for now - it's march! time to have an amazing & positive month! ;;
♥ do the 30 day work out challenge - do it every day that i don't go to the gym
♥ make an epic gym play list to get stoked!
♥ send 5 surprise letters in the mail :)
♥ have at least two "unplugged" nights
♥ spend time setting goals & brain storming for cupcakes made with love
♥ host a st.patty's day party!
host a giveaway on my blog!
♥ write paul mccartney a letter
♥ do my beatles vlog
♥ comment to all of my blog comments!
♥ make a chicken pot pie
♥ get a new something vintage for our place:)
♥ take photo's of "little nicky's" for a cute toronto blog post

cheers to march. my loves!


  1. what's the 30 day work out challenge?? Sounds wonderful ;)
    I love writing lists, I have a whole notebook dedicated to lists :$


  2. Great idea! Feeling inspired to write my own list now. Thanks! x

  3. Sounds like a great list of goals!!! I'm sure you will do all of 'em, haha!


you are so cute! thanks for commenting:)