March 22, 2012


red lips!♥
so, it's no secret that i love red lipstick. i'm kinda obsessed actually. i am just one of those gals who wears red lips all day, every day. i love it!
there's a secret red lipstick bond that us red lipped girls have with each other. have you ever noticed? when i am out & about//walking around i get a smile, or a nod or a compliment from a fellow red lipstick wearer. it's quite cute actually! :)
so many people always say "they could never pull it off" - but i always say YES, you can! anyone can! i always try to convince others to get in on the fun.
do you wear red lipstick?
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  1. You're so cute, and it's hard to even picture you without dem red lips!
    I recently picked up a red I'm happy with, and have worn it a couple times and felt so sassy and confident!!! I'm still not quite at the "day wear" stage... especially for work. I feel like it's a little too much. But yet other people do it and I don't blink an eye... Hmmmm... maybe I should try soon!

  2. I feel like I'd wear it out if I worked in a professional setting! I am so often eating without thinking about my lipstick and I always end up rubbing it off if I do wear it! So I try lip stain instead :) But I do love lipstick for parties! You rawk the red ;)


  3. well you look wonderful in your red lipstick julie, so keep rocking it. no, i don't wear red lipstick, but i have to wear lipstick out & about, or my lips feel naked.

  4. I think red lips are for damn near everybody! I was afraid at first, too, cause my teeth aren't blindingly white. My friendly MAC saleswoman helped me find my first ever red shade! I've been hooked ever since.

  5. It's funny that you mention the red lip street nods. I find that happens with people with brightly dyed hair.
    I don't wear red lipstick much, but will occasionally when I'm in the mood. Right now I'm loving hot pink actually.

  6. Your blog is absolutly beautiful!**
    And yesss, I love red lips! And I wear red lips every day too! :P It's quite crazy, but.... who cares...XD


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