April 11, 2012

10 FEEL-GOOD Spring Activities!

Hello Wonderful People!
As always, I've been trying my best to spread love & positivity in my life and on my blog and I decided to do a fun post for Spring:)
10 Feel-Good Spring Activities!♥

1] Do a nice, big, rewarding spring cleaning! Do some major cleaning, de-cluttering and organizing of your place. I know cleaning isn't always fun (although if I'm in the mood, I love it!) but it will feel so amazing after when you're place is looking clean and fresh!

2] BBQ your dinner! I know we don't all have bbq's but if you do - grill some delicious dinner. I suggest  homemade burgers, peppers, baked potato & sweet potatoes!!!, asparagus

3] Pack Salads & Fresh Fruit/Veggies for lunch at work! I need to get in a better habit of being organized and having these lunches planned. It's so great having fresh and healthy food for lunch! & it saves so much money too!

4] Visit a local market! Nothing like picking up some fresh food and flowers! Checking out local vendors and homegrown food and buying some home made baked goods:)

5] Pack away your winter clothes and re-vamp your closet with bright colours, florals & fun! It's nice to make room in your closet and dresser for fresh and lighter pieces of clothing! I am going to pack away my winter clothes and give some to good will while I'm at it. Can't wait for my closet to be ready for Spring!

6] Research some gardening ideas! Plant some vegetables, herbs or flowers! We're going to plant something fun and fresh on our cute little balcony:)

7] Plan after dinner walks/adventures in your hood! Explore new shops, cafes, restaurants etc. Go to the park and relax for a while. I love going on a nice walk after dinner, it's simply lovely.

8] Pamper Yourself! Paint your nails, Colour your hair, give yourself a pedicure, a face mask, have a nice long bubble bath with a glass of wine.

9] Switch all your soaps, candles and body sprays to spring-like scents! I am excited to go to Bath & BodyWorks and stocking up on some fun, fresh new scents for the warm weather.

10] Have a Martini Night - Get the gals over for a gab fest/girls night. Get some fun delicious snacks ready and make an excuse to get together with old friends. Laugh it up // Live it up!

There ya have it! Just some fun things I wanted to share. Let me know if you do any of them! I am going to try and do them all:) Spring, I am so ready for you!


  1. I love this post! I'm definitely going to do some of these soon, I've been feeling down from this weather and need to get in the Spring mind set like asap!!:)


  2. Lovely, as per usual. I painted my nails today, hehe...but really, when am I not painting my nails?

    Also, after dinner walks are my favourite...just waiting for it to get a bit warmer for that.

  3. Love! I am doing some of these things already! The cleaning though. Oy. A disaster. My husband has been painting our upstairs bathroom for 3 weeks now. lol I totally need to plan a girl's night though. :) Can't beat that.

  4. I love these ideas! Doing the spring cleaning right now, whether I like it or not since I'm moving. But I need to give teh rest a go as well!

  5. Great list ;) I definitely need to reserve some time in my life for some spring cleaning (INCLUDING moving some winter clothes out of my closet!)


  6. I love this list. I'm hoping to put my Winter clothes away this weekend.

  7. These are some really awesome ideas, Jules! When I was in Toronto the other day I saw a heart with a happy face on the back of a stop sign & totally thought it was something you would do!! :)

    I've gotta re-vamp my closet, maybe this weekend? & the martini night sounds LOVELY!


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